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Leading Garden Buildings Manufacturer Enters Successfully the Russian Market


Key words:

Storage Buildings, Garden Greenhouses, New Markets, Russia, Ukraine, External Export Manager, New Sales™ Project, Vitavia Brand, Arrow Brand

Client: Jørgen Hjorth, Managing Director, OPJ A/S



•  Right distributor for Russia and former USSR

•  Orders within the 1st year for over USD 100.000

•  Long-term contract, inclusive action plans for the next 1 year


Why expanding to Eastern Europe?

In general, we aim at using the full capacity of our factory in China. Until recently, we had been selling our products exclusively in Europe, but we believe that there is a great potential for example in Russia. We think our future growth will be in this region.


How NOVAS helped:

We did not have any knowledge about the Russian market and the language was our major challenge. In this respect, NOVAS helped with researching the market, then finding matching companies who could be interesting cooperation partners. Arranged visits with these firms as well as helped with settling cooperation agreements and contracts.


What is your experience with NOVAS as External Export Manager?

Our cooperation with NOVAS was functioning perfect. Some minor communication issues can happen when people do not share physically the same office in daily work, but in general our communication was fine.


Are you planning to expand your sales in Eastern Europe?

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