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About Us

We are adept, adaptable, and affordable…


NOVAS is a trusted name in the consulting industry. Years of experience in export sales to Eastern Europe, deep-rooted knowledge, and proactive approach leads its way towards success.


NOVAS Commercial Solutions are based on extensive research that makes them highly pertinent to the norms of the markets, NOVAS operates in. We manage sales and marketing from our strategic locations in Copenhagen and Kyiv.


Want a focused, determined, and cost effective sales force? Choose NOVAS, as we offer partnership for expanding your markets.


NOVAS – Your Partner in Sales


Your focus on a market is vital for achieving reliable results. NOVAS can improve your focus on the targeted markets by bringing in external expertise, fast operational progress, and flexibility. The key features that make NOVAS the best option for your success are:


Extensive experience with Eastern European markets
Profound knowledge of Western and Eastern European business practices
Proven ability to negotiate, deal, and close contracts successfully
Flexibility and fast adaptation to your company’s needs
Local network and expert knowledge of the markets
Cultural understanding through years of experience
Language skills in Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish
Firm approach towards establishing trustful partnerships
We cover main sales channels

Retail chains
Production plants


If you’d like to evaluate your company’s readiness to expand in Eastern Europe, with expert advisors, you are welcome to contact NOVAS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  via LinkedIn , Twitter, SlideShare , Facebook or YouTube


You can also use the NOVAS Expansion Advice™  service: Professional Guidance to Ensure Success in Eastern Europe


NOVAS will ask you for some information, carry out research, meet with you, and then provide you with a Summary and Recommendations concerning your expansion plans.


For more details, see https://novas.eu/expansion-advice.html