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After Contract Advice™ | Smooth Handover of Operations
After Contract Advice™ ensures continuity of support even after the contract is over. It entitles you to allocate time of regular support during the transition period.


You can choose this additional service either from the very beginning of the contract or few months before the contract ends. The Solution is designed for 4 months and it includes 20 hours of dedicated time per month.

Why to Outsource?
  The choice of Business Leaders


Outsourcing is no more a limited phenomenon. Organizations are widely using this opportunity to excel in diversified markets and to increase their profits. Outsourcing has become a common strategy for achieving ambitious goals in a fast and effective way. Some of the main reasons for sales and marketing outsourcing are presented below:

See How NOVAS Outsourcing Solutions Bring Harmony to your Business Sales

Maximizes Focus

Adds Flexible Resources

Increases Available Time

Ensures Fast Progress

Minimizes Operating Cost

Reduces Risks

Decreases Uncertainty

Eliminates Market Incompetence

Does After Contract Advice™ look like a possible Solution for your company?
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