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Strengthening your global connections...

Coherent approach is the only path that leads to increased sales. Does your sales force carry a focused and streamlined approach? Has it become difficult for you to efficiently link different countries of a region? Now, you don’t need to get worried as our Regional Office™ provides an outsourced sales representative office to manage all your sales activities from our locations in Kyiv and Copenhagen.


It is highly cost-effective and value-adding solution compared to establishing your own regional office or managing export sales from your headquarters.


*Regional Office Solution is currently available for Ukraine, Russia, and Poland.

Who is Regional Office Solution for?


Every company can avail our Regional Office Solution, if it has substantial business activities in the region and aims at reaching a higher level of growth and expansion by establishing a representative office.


No matter what your products or services are, NOVAS holds the expertise that can help you grab a firm position in the markets by swiftly managing all your sales processes.


What is included in the Regional Office Solution?
Sales and channel management – efficient network of distributors
Regular visits to your distributors for productive relationships
Negotiating and closing contracts
Creating new opportunities and new product segments
Incorporation of new distributors to the network
Participation in trade shows, workshops, and congresses
Quarterly reporting to your company (status reports, sales estimations)

Regional Office™ | Silver Solution 

NOVAS streamlines all your sales activities in your desired markets by focusing on distributors. The Silver Solution provides 60 hours of dedicated time per month.

Regional Office™ | Gold Solution 

With Regional Office Gold Solution, NOVAS, not only, streamlines all your sales activities in your desired markets by focusing on distributors but it also provides supplementary visits to distributors and their customers for boosting demand. It provides 80 hours of dedicated time per month.

Major benefits of Regional Office Solution
Make your presence effective in the markets

Explore new market opportunity with no hassle of establishing own costly daughter company

Effective management with minimum business trips to Eastern Europe from your headquarter

Save time on Eastern Europe – invest greater time in other markets

Create a more positive image than your competitors through our extensive knowledge of Eastern Europe

Location in the heart of Kyiv – your sound representation in Eastern Europe

Why to Outsource?
  The choice of Business Leaders

Outsourcing is no more a limited phenomenon. Organizations are widely using this opportunity to excel in diversified markets and to increase their profits. Outsourcing has become a common strategy for achieving ambitious goals in a fast and effective way. Some of the main reasons for sales and marketing outsourcing are presented below:


See How NOVAS Outsourcing Solutions Bring Harmony to your Business Sales

Maximizes Focus

Adds Flexible Resources

Increases Available Time

Ensures Fast Progress

Minimizes Operating Cost

Reduces Risks

Decreases Uncertainty

Eliminates Market Incompetence


Does Regional Office™ look like a possible Solution for your company?
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